Gene Source Code Chain (GENE) Converter

1 GENE = 0.0031436893 USD
Rate: 0.0031436893

1 GENE to USD Chart

This Gene Source Code Chain to US Dollar Chart lets you view the recent trends and summary of the rates. The graph is in UTC timezone. Currently showing the trend over past Week
Trend 24 Hours Week Month
Highest (1 GENE) 0.0032724 USD 0.0040972 USD 0.0101444 USD
Lowest (1 GENE) 0.0030627 USD 0.0010534 USD 0.0010534 USD
Average (1 GENE) 0.0031423 USD 0.0034370 USD 0.0051569 USD

GENE, Gene Source Code Chain Info

Our search analytics shows that most popular currency conversion from GENE is between GENE to USD. The currency symbol of Gene Source Code Chain is GENE. On this page you will find top world currency and crypto currency conversions from GENE