1 MGA = 3.36773131232e-06 ETH
Rate: 3.4e-06

1 MGA to ETH Chart

This Malagasy Ariary to Ethereum Chart lets you view the recent trends and summary of the rates. The graph is in UTC timezone. Currently showing the trend over past Week
Trend 24 Hours Week Month
Maximum (1 MGA) 3.7e-06 ETH 3.7e-06 ETH 3.7e-06 ETH
Minimum (1 MGA) 3.6e-06 ETH 3.2e-06 ETH 1.6e-06 ETH
Average (1 MGA) 3.7e-06 ETH 3.5e-06 ETH 2.6e-06 ETH